Beautiful Wedding Make-up Looks & Colour Scheme

Tommy Beauty Pro

Soft & Natural Bridal Make-up Look Soft & Natural Bridal Make-up Look

With colors you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. There is psychology behind colors, and they tell beautiful stories. By selecting the right color scheme, you can create an ambiance of elegance, warmth or tranquility, or you can convey an image of playful youthfulness.


If you have been a wedding client of mine, you would have seen a Wedding Beauty Look Book in our make-up trial/consultation. I have collected images of various make-up & hair styling looks, and put together a look book so my clients can review the images and get ideas of what they like.

It is like asking the client to bring tear sheets of their preferred looks, except for we have it all here laid out for the clients–and this is my customer service for the clients. But in general, I still would like my clients…

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